Gps For Commercial Drivers

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Gps For Commercial Drivers

Planning a trip can be difficult, but driving a truck through crowded streets adds another layer of stress to your trip. This is where having a reliable, state-of-the-art truck GPS system comes in handy. These devices plan truck routes that avoid hazards, such as low bridges and narrow roads, and avoid areas that are difficult for large trucks to navigate. Cars’ global positioning systems (GPS) give truck drivers access to other valuable resources they might otherwise miss, such as truck stops, weigh stations, and more.

Can You Put A Gps Tracking System In A Company Truck, And Not Tell Your Drivers?

Having the right in-dash truck GPS can mean the difference between a short trip and a long one. Our product review team has collected, tested and reviewed the best truck GPS to help you plan your next trip. A good truck GPS will give you better routing options and make your journey much easier.

The truck GPS devices in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We start by looking for the best products on Amazon, looking at factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon Superlatives, and pricing.

Our product testing team found five GPS devices that best met these standards. A team member tested each product in a car and noted the ease of GPS installation in our test vehicle, the responsiveness of the GPS touchscreen, its route planning capabilities, and additional features that GPS offers. Each truck GPS received a 5-star rating based on this criterion.

We used a 2014 Honda Civic SE sedan to test each of our best GPS for trucks. Each truck’s GPS is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We tested its route plan by building a route to a nearby destination, taking into account which route it decided to take us, the stops it offered, and other driver-specific features.

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Installation: Truck GPSs come with a number of accessories designed to attach to the vehicle’s windshield, so in our review we based our review on how well the parts fit together and whether or not they made a secure fit. GPSs that installed without problems and did not rotate or fall off at any point scored high in this category.

Touchscreen: Truckers often need to make adjustments on the fly while driving, so a responsive touchscreen means the difference between smooth navigation and cumbersome distractions. Truck GPSs score highly in this category for being responsive to touch and easy to navigate.

Route planning – Since large trucks have trouble navigating roads that are suitable for cars, a truck GPS can estimate the best route for them. GPSs that locate accessible truck routes with detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions scored high in this category.

Additional Features: Since truckers spend most of their time on the road, it’s important to know what’s nearby. This includes the nearest gas station or weigh station, time to avoid busy roads, and where a good restaurant is located in an unfamiliar area. Truck GPSs can provide this information, and those with the greatest number of useful and easy-to-use features score highly in this category.

Sygic Becomes The First Truck Navigation Supported By Android Automotive

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The Rand McNally TND 750’s large 7.0-inch display makes reading very easy. Its live traffic alerts are great for creating routes for trucks, and it provides on-screen alerts about changes in traffic patterns. Other features include the 750’s dynamic weather overlays, 3D building and vital tracking, and a fuel cost and mileage calculator.

We recommend the Rand McNally TND 750 to any trucker who needs a smooth interface, reliable navigation, and accurate tracking of driver data. We were surprised by the extra features the TND 750 offered, and they were surprisingly useful.

Reasons Why Your Drivers May Resist A Digital Tracker

Based on our experience with the TND 750, we rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It met our expectations very well and we really liked how fluid the interface was.

Customers who like the TND 750 appreciate the amount of data it gives them about its fuel economy. They also like the larger 7.0-inch screen and improved mapping software. Those who had problems with the TND 750 criticized its low volume when turned to maximum.

One of the most reliable truck GPS available on the market, the Garmin Dezl OTR800 offers exceptional quality in a highly functional package. Custom truck routing is one of the most important features of the OTR800. With this, truckers can find routes with enough space and speed limits to travel safely. It allows truck drivers to see popular routes among other drivers to make more informed decisions when planning a particular route. For a truck GPS packed with extra features, the Garmin Dezl OTR800 has many advantages to enhance your next trip.

Gps For Commercial Drivers

We rated the OTR800 4.9 stars for its unparalleled versatility. Features like voice-activated navigation, lane assist and frequent driver alerts really impressed our review team.

Truck Gps And Trip Planning

Many positive reviewers praise the OTR800 for its simple setup process and convenient mapping technology. Some negative reviews say the OTR800 doesn’t hold their own on truck-less roads.

The Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S offers an easy break plan to help drivers find rest stops, gas stations and more if they feel tired after a long drive. It is compatible with most smartphones for Bluetooth® hands-free calling and also displays text messages. With built-in Wi-Fi, the LMT-S automatically updates when connected to the Internet for accurate mapping. After reviewing the Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S, we think it will do well for anyone looking for hassle-free installation and maintenance.

The LMT-S received 4.8 stars for its adjustable accessories and ease of setup and advanced extras. Its touchscreen is not as responsive as we expected.

Many customers said their LMT-S was great for accurate routing, even though they had to update their GPS more often. Detractors of its LMT-S cited poor navigation for the cars, including long routes and inconsistent traffic reports.

Best Truck Gps, Tested (2023 Guide)

With TomTom MyDrive, users can plan routes in advance on their smartphone, laptop or tablet and sync them with the TomTom Trucker 620. It has a 6.0-inch touchscreen, lifetime truck maps, real-time traffic updates and 1,500 preloaded truck-related POIs. The Trucker 620 has access to Siri and Google Now for hands-free calling and texting to enhance safety. It reads incoming text messages aloud so drivers can focus on the road. We recommend drivers who want to interconnect their smart devices with their truck’s GPS units.

We rate the Trucker 620 4.6 stars because of the responsiveness of the touchscreen and its many extra features. While we love these features, it loses points for its complicated installation process.

A lot of negative reviews say that the Trucker 620 drives large trucks on narrow paths and roads. Some of these reviews also say they don’t provide warnings about hazards like low bridges. Positive reviews, on the other hand, enjoyed free map updates and automatic navigation. Many reviewers say TomTom Trucker 620 has the best free truck GPS app they’ve ever used.

Gps For Commercial Drivers

The most affordable option in our review, the OHREX GPS works as both a truck and car GPS and can easily switch between the two modes of transportation. Supports routes for trucks, cars, RVs, ambulances, buses and taxis. OHREX has built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling for safer driving. It can provide spoken turn directions and smart alerts about road hazards such as weight limits. If you’re looking for a basic, easy-to-use truck GPS, look no further than the OHREX GPS. Xgody Gps Navigation For Car 7 Inch 2023 Maps Car Gps For Car Truck Gps Commercial Drivers Semi Trucker Navigation System 8gb 256m With Voice Guidance Free Lifetime Map Updates

Based on our experience, we’ve given OHREX GPS 4.6 stars for its easy setup and route planning process. It doesn’t have many extra features apart from rooting and the touchscreen is sometimes unresponsive, losing some points.

Positive reviews praised the OHREX for its large screen and voice navigation prompts. Those who left negative reviews said their GPS gave inaccurate weight measurements of their vehicles and found long routes.

A Truck Global Positioning System or GPS is a satellite-based navigation system.

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