Customized Car Insurance Coverage

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Customized Car Insurance Coverage – Domestic e-wallet; Boost has announced the expansion of its insurance offerings with the launch of CarProtect, a comprehensive car insurance for private cars.

In a statement, CarProtect offers customers protection in your pocket and an easy and convenient way to customize their car insurance plan to suit their needs.

Customized Car Insurance Coverage


“The launch of our new car insurance cover is another step towards innovation within the Malaysian insurance technology sector.

Modified Car Insurance Explained

“With CarProtect, Boost now offers a total of 15 insurance protections to keep users safe in your pocket,” said Sheyantha Abekun, CEO of Boost.

“As we continue to develop more affordable insurance plans for the future, we will emphasize customization to give customers the flexibility to create the right plan at the right price to protect themselves and their loved ones,” he said.

Boost says customers can renew their road tax at the same time and have it conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

As an added safety feature, Boost says CarProtect offers customers 24/7 access to in-car assistance with an emergency button. Freewander Creative Personalized Registration And Insurance Card Holder, Car Vehicle Glove Box Car Organizer Registration And Insurance Holder, Customer Customized Exclusive Car Id Cover, Buyer’s Picture Personalized Custom Car Id Cover :

Emergency button for insurance claims; It tells users it’s a quick and convenient way to provide emergency contacts, including workshops as well as Boost’s roadside assistance partners.

That way, consumers don’t have to search the Internet or their phone book in an already stressful emergency.

CarProtect covers accidents, damage and bodily injury to the insured car due to theft or accidental fire; Death Liability coverage to third parties, including loss or damage to property, is valid for one year.

Customized Car Insurance Coverage

Also, windshield There are also customizable add-on covers for flooding and special hazards, as well as mandatory additional discounts with additional drivers.

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