Best Family Travel Insurance Plans


Best Family Travel Insurance Plans – We’ve thoroughly researched and analyzed 100 data points from Singapore travel insurers to find out which plans will provide the best coverage for your family. You can compare our best options by price, travel region and coverage.

If you want to save on family travel insurance, Allianz Travel, Etiqa, Budget Direct, Direct Asia and FWD offer the cheapest travel insurance. With all four main plans ranging from S$33 to S$50 for a 1-week trip to the ASEAN region, whichever plan you choose can save your family up to 60% of the average cost of family travel insurance.

Best Family Travel Insurance Plans

Best Family Travel Insurance Plans

For families staying in the ASEAN region to visit family or take short and inexpensive trips, Budget Direct can be a good option. Despite reduced medical, accident and baggage benefits, its single-trip plans for families of 3 cost 50-55% less than average. However, it does include adventure activities, so any activity you choose to do on your long weekend getaway will be covered (within limits).

The Best Family Travel Insurance (2023)

Similar to Budget Direct, HL Assurance’s basic plan will be a great choice for travel in ASEAN and Asia. For a family of 3, it costs 50% less than the industry average. However, it’s a little more generous with its benefits and may be good for families looking for a little more value. While it doesn’t increase coverage for families, it offers basic but useful coverage such as missed layovers, overbooked flights and medical coverage abroad and in Singapore.

Also, while the Etiqa Tiq Arrival Plan provides adequate medical and travel accident coverage, it is also lenient when it comes to what they don’t include in its coverage. It can be an affordable option for families who enjoy simple outdoor activities such as hiking, as Etiqa does not charge extra for adventure activities and offers a wide range of sports.

If you are looking for a plan that provides equal medical coverage to all members of your family, Direct Asia 150 or 200 plans, Direct Asia is right for you. Although its plans are among the cheapest, the medical coverage is the same for children and adults, so you can be sure that you won’t have a big bill if your child gets sick or has an accident. Best of all, children are covered for free.

The FWD Premium Family plan is also one of the cheapest options in Asia and includes things like sports, pets and terrorism. It can be a good choice for families who like to customize their coverage, as FWD offers a number of add-ons.

The Best Travel Insurance Policies And Providers

The FWD Premium Family plan is also one of the cheapest options in Asia and includes things like sports, pets and terrorism. It can be a good choice for families who like to customize their coverage, as FWD offers a number of add-ons. FWD also offers sports equipment, so families who golf, ski or dive with their equipment will be covered if it’s damaged.

For families going on holiday to countries around the world (outside Asia), Tiq Entry from Etiqa, HL Assurance, FWD and Direct Asia offers the cheapest global travel insurance.

The cheapest Etiqa Basic costs around S$47 for 1 week of global travel (70% cheaper than the Basic Family plan on average); Direct Asia’s 150 plan costs S$60, while HL Assurance’s is around S$71. While their prices make them good value, all three plans offer limited coverage and may not be suitable for those looking for a comprehensive policy. You might expect Etiqa to be the mildest of the three plans, as it covers extreme sports and terrorism.

Best Family Travel Insurance Plans

For families on holiday around the world (outside Asia), Etiqa Basic, HL Assurance, FWD and Direct Asia offer the cheapest global travel insurance.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

The cheapest HL Assurance costs S$71 for a 1-week global trip (55% cheaper than the basic family plan). But our other 3 plans are just as great a deal, with average premiums costing 45% less than average. Although the prices are low compared to the industry average, these plans will cover all travel-related emergencies, including medical coverage, missed connections. , Travel Delays, Travel Cancellations and Travel Restrictions. These plans also include adventure activities, so your family can go hiking and skiing.

Allianz Travel Silver, Aviva, DBS Premier and FWD First plans will give you the most value for your dollar, higher than average coverage and lower than average premiums for 1 week or annual ASEAN travel. No matter which insurer you choose, you’ll get a plan that’s worth every dollar.

The Allianz Travel Silver Plan is an excellent choice for those looking for a great value, comprehensive plan with above-average medical and travel hardship coverage. It also allows you to make a claim for lost or damaged luggage while traveling, a rare feature of travel insurance plans.

The FWD First Family Plan is a great option for those on a budget who want to maximize travel inconvenience, with nearly triple the coverage of the industry average and lower than average prices for 1 and 2 week trips. It offers sports facilities and includes many adventure activities, so it can be a good choice for families who are active during their travels.

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Aviva’s Prestige plan is great value, albeit the most expensive, if you’re planning to take your family on longer adventure trips, as it offers excellent sports coverage and the highest medical and travel accident cover. You also have the flexibility to cancel or change travel dates for any reason, which can be helpful for families with busy schedules.

DBS Premier is also a great choice as it costs less than the industry family plan average for ASEAN single trip plans and is a good choice for 1 or 2 week trips, although DBS starts to get expensive if you’re looking at annual plans. However, if you’re looking for a plan to protect expensive family trips, DBS Premier will provide more than enough coverage with a trip cancellation cover of S$45,000.

If you’re budget-conscious and want to have as much cover as possible, FWD First, DBS Platinum, MSIG Premier and Allianz Travel Gold offer some of the most comprehensive travel insurance on the market.

Best Family Travel Insurance Plans

If you want a soft policy and great travel hardship, FWD’s First Family Plan has more than double the industry average travel hardship coverage. While FWD First’s annual plans cost more than the industry average, the 1-week and 2-week prices are quite competitive at S$90 for a 1-week ASEAN trip, compared to the industry average of S$101 for a family plan. It is a good choice for families. who travel 1-2 times a year, but less often for families who want to save for annual plans.

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For families looking for excellent medical coverage, the Allianz Travel Platinum plan has unlimited medical and repatriation coverage and unlimited medical and emergency evacuation coverage.

The MSIG Premier Family Plan can also be a good option for those looking to maximize their medical coverage as it offers 3-4 times more medical and personal accident coverage than the industry average.

However, if you’re looking for maximum overall protection, the DBS Platinum Family Plan has a total of S$3,000,000 in medical expenses, S$1,500,000 in accidents and S$57,000 in travel hardship insurance – 3-5 times the industry average. . Active vacationing families will also appreciate extreme sports and other outdoor activities to help you with sports or active injuries. There is also coverage for your pet, golf, funeral and vehicle rental expenses. However, since DBS is the most expensive option, we only recommend this plan for cost-conscious families.

While most travel insurers only cover medical or personal accident expenses if there is an accidental injury that causes complications during pregnancy, Allianz and Aviva offer up to S$8,000 for pregnancy-related emergency medical expenses, which can cover conditions such as nausea or headaches dizziness , as well as emergency care related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Travel Insurance For Seniors & Snowbirds

For travelers from ASEAN and Asia, Allianz Travel will be the best value choice with above-average medical assistance (for pregnancy complications), 24/7 and above-average travel hardship benefits.

For expectant mums looking to protect their travel, Aviva goes one step further by offering a free extension that will allow you to request a trip cancellation, trip interruption (back to Singapore only) and a change of business traveler in the event of pregnancy. . crisis

It should be noted that there are still some exceptions, including first trimester pregnancy, childbirth complications, pregnancy mental illness and fertility treatment. It’s important to always read the terms and conditions to find out where your pregnancy coverage limits start and end, so you don’t get caught out.

Best Family Travel Insurance Plans

If you and your family

Travel Insurance When Pregnant

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